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#4901: Huge Tumor Removed From Man's Jaw (fwd)

From: nozier@tradewind.net

Thursday August 17 1:37 PM ET  Huge Tumor Removed From Man's Jaw       
By MILDRADE CHERFILS, Associated Press Writer 

 MIAMI (AP) - Dieuvius Morancy told doctors he had been living with the
football-sized tumor protruding from his face for two, maybe three,    
years.  No more. Doctors at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial    
Hospital spent 10 1/2 hours removing the 18-inch tumor Tuesday
from       the 37-year-old Haitian peasant farmer.`I expect he will be
requesting a mirror at some point,'' Dr. Eric Carlson said
Wednesday.      The benign tumor probably began growing 20 years ago and
originated from the same cells that  ordinarily form teeth, doctors
said. But for unknown reasons, the tumor, called an ameloblastoma, began
growing inside of Morancy's jaw instead.  It caused Morancy's trachea to
shift to the left, making it difficult for him to swallow and at times
speak. Morancy came to the United States after meeting doctors from
Atlanta visiting Haiti on a medical mission earlier this year. The
doctors feared Morancy might die without treatment and arranged free   
medical visits and surgery. But instead of making a connecting flight to
Atlanta, Morancy got off the plane from Port-au-Prince in  Miami on July
30 and ended up at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he is also being
treated for severe  anemia and malnutrition.   Doctors declined to say
how much the procedure cost, but guessed the patient would not be
charged. They are now examining the tumor and they have taken tissue
samples from around Morancy's face and  neck to make sure portions of it
aren't lingering.  So far all indications are that the tumor has been
completely removed and that Morancy will be cured, though he may not
look completely normal, Carlson said. ``My hope here is that we will be
satisfied with the appearance and that the patient will be satisfied
with the way he looks as well,'' Carlson said.