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#4909: RE post # 4846: Conference-Exploding the Myths: Frédérique comments (fwd)

From: Mnsjyd@aol.com

To the Haiti List


I know this is coming a bit late since the original post but thought I would 
encourage most of you (especially in the New England area) to attend this 
conference (please refer to post #4846 for details). Although in the learning 
process, the administration and student body at Bates have become rather 
receptive to issues concerning minorities (I did my undergraduate studies at 
Bates).  In addition, Bates has a beautiful campus.
Unfortunately, I missed out on the opportunity to interact with (and thereby 
LEARN a lot) from Ms Ulysse and Ms. Brasuel because they joined the college 
after I graduated 

I would like to meet some members of this list who will attend the 
conference. Please email me directly (at MNSJYD@aol.com) if you would like to 
meet briefly while attending the conference.

Daphney Frédérique