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#4913: Re: #4911: Dorce on Morse in Edinburgh (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 08/19/2000 8:22:55 AM Pacific Daylight Time, oloffsonram@gl
obelsud.net writes:

<< By the way is Congressman Conyers still a member of the Aristide 
 Foundation? Is that a conflict of interest? >>
Hello Richard, I'm happy to hear your tour is going so well in Scotland.  I'm 
sure you're a great ambassador for Haiti. Continued best wishes and a safe 
return home.

Now as to that question of yours up there:  If Congressman Conyers is indeed 
a member of the Aristide Foundation, then I would characterize his comments 
as support of a movement that he believes in to the point of helping in a 
personal way.  He does not profit from this membership in a financial or 
political way unless I am missing something.  It doesn't follow that active 
involvement in a non profit organization renders one incapable of making 
rational judgements regarding issues relating to that organization.  Conyers 
being the politically savvy person he is, would bail out immediately if a 
hint of scandal were to taint his involvement with the Aristide Foundation, 
I'm sure.

Kathy Dorce