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#4923:Re: #4920: Judson replies to Driver

From: Drjudson@aol.com

Tom Driver's notes are very appropriate for current times.  there is hope in 
Haiti and it rests entirely upon the establishment of a stable government.  
the recent elections were a good start and fortunately, there were observers 
from different groups.  Many of these, such as the one from Quixote / Global 
Exchange saw and reported the good side of the May elections.  The 
presidential elections will occur on November 26.  Hopefully, many of us who 
see the possibilities that can emerge from these elections, will be able to 
go to Haiti to observe, support, and report the election process.  Does 
Witness For Peace have any plans to send a delegation of election observers.  
I am hoping that Quixote/Global Exchange will be doing so.  All of the 
Voluntary groups planning to serve as observers should now begin to 
coordinate their efforts and work together during the time of elections.  Can 
we begin a list of such groups?  Can I be of any assistance?

John Judson