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#4931: RE: #4924: Haiti - literacy rates (fwd)

From: ".." <jm92@free.fr>

I remember that a few years ago, several surveys provided some figures on
literacy rates in a few rural areas. These figures were much lower than what
is generally thought. But I dont know the methodoly of theses surveys.

The most up to date figures that I know have been provided in spring 2000 by
the Institut Haitien de Statistiques et d'Informatique (IHSI). But they are
not official figures. You can read them in a four-pages publication, that
several journalists have received and which was commented on at least one
radio station. It contains some PRELIMINARY (and PROVISIONAL) results of a
nationwide survey related to the consumption of the Haitian households.

The figures are :
Literacy rate among the population aged ten or more
Haiti : 64%
Metropolitan area : 82%
Other urban areas : 76%
Rural areas : 52%

Somebody of IHSI has explained on a radio station that you must be cautious
before using these figures. Especially because :
- the figures come from what people have affirmed. Their statements were not
checked through a test.
- they are provisional : they were calculated before the end of the survey
and come from the processing of the data of about 1000 households (21% of
the sample).
-  the litteracy rate usually relates to people aged 15 or more (here it is
10 or more).