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#4938: Great Haitian Vocalist is Back (fwd)

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

Date: 08/25/00
Contact: Rita Joseph
tel. 718-469-1023
fax  845.425.1764
  e-mail: Ritunda@aol.com

                                EDDIE FRANÇOIS IS BACK

NEW YORK, NY. - New York-based label IN PARALLEL II is pleased to
announce the release on September 2, 2000 of ZINGA, the first CD
recorded by Haitian vocalist Eddie François in more than five years.
The former front man for BOUKMAN EKSPERYANS and BOUKAN GINEN returns
with an electrifying and sumptuous collection of songs that highlight
the depth and breadth of the versatile artist that he is.
Sung mostly in Creole  -François is joined by singer  Chinwa Hawks and
"N'Bee Kila " from the group Reel Kila (both of whom on the IN PARALLEL
II label), in a French/English/Creole powerful cut-,  the tunes are
comfortably laid over a percolating bed of syncopated percussion
creating a smooth hybrid of RASIN (Haitian Roots Vodou music), Hip Hop
and Konpa.
This exceptionally gifted and multi-faceted musician -he?s also an
accomplished guitarist- writes music that reflects diversity and a
powerful sense of place and time.
?Our objective at IN PARALLEL II, is to bring Haitian, Afro-French and
Caribbean music as a whole to the top,? said a jubilant John (Jube)
Altino, the producer who had the ultimate task of combining François?
artistry and a  vast array  of new sounds .   ?I strongly believe with
Eddie François and the plethora of other artists we plan to work with,
we will achieve that.?
Daniel Baubrun, the genius behind BOUKMAN EKSPERYANS? first three CDs,
has also produced two wonderful tracks for ZINGA.  ###