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Forwarded mail.... (fwd)

Hi Jeanne!  Is everything alright?  I haven't heard from you in a while.
I've got a story for you, this happened recently to a friend's parents: Her parents are pretty old, and they've been saving up money to travel to New York, wine and dine properly, and stay in a very fancy hotel.  Late one night they came back from a play, and as the elevator door was shutting a humongous black arm reached inside and opened it back up.  In waltzed a huge black man, with his huge black dog.  Now, remember it was late at night, and this small old Israeli couple has never seen a big black man before.  They were scared, but they didn't say anything. 
The man yelled "SIT!", and they sat. He looked at them, and then he couldn't stop laughing.  He was talking to his dog!!!
When it was time for the couple to check out of the hotel, the receptionist told them that someone has already payed their bill.  He left them a note:
"Thanks for the laugh of my life, Michael Jourdan".