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#4948: Haiti pigs 15 years ago

From: C & C Henrius <haiti@jbntelco.com>

It's been so long I'm not sure if this is your haitilist email address or
not. I have a question I thought perhaps you or someone on the list could
answer for me.  I have heard about the slaughter of the Haitian pigs for
several years now, but when I did a web search on the topic I came up with a
lot of hedging and what I felt were outright lies to cover up the slaughter
of the pigs.  For instance I found this:

The country's pig population was decimated when African swine fever
swept through Haiti in the early 1980s.
   (from http://www.haitifocus.com/haitie/Haitifacts.html)

and this:

International aid agencies declare Haitian pigs to be carriers of African
Swine Fever and institute a program for their slaughter. Attempts to replace
indigenous swine with imported breeds largely fail.
     (from http://www.haiti.org/keydate.htm)

But was not able to come up with any details about what actually happened,
who implimented this slaughter and who the actual guys with the guns were
that carried it out.

I have been accused of making this up and would appreciate any factual
reports or valid info I could find on the subject.

Also would like to be put back on the list.

Greetings to all,

Caroline Henrius

"We are living beyond our means.  As a people, we have developed a life
style that is draining the earth of its priceless and irreplaceable re-
sources without regard for the future of our children and people all
around the world."
				Margaret Mead