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#4952: Re: Putting money where my mouth is. (fwd)

From: Judejb@aol.com

Hello, fellow corbetter!!!!!
Well, i havent comented for a while becuase i've been quietly preparing. what 
you say????? well guess from where I'm writing you from???!!!! HAITI CHERIE.
i was tired of hearing all the retoric and decided to make a go of it. Well i 
made the move. I have a plan. wish me success. Any advice you can give will 
be appreciated. So we are on inverter now that there is only 4 hours of 
electricity a day. ive been out on the streets everyday for the past week. 
from my opinion...dont give up on the haitian people give up on the 
politician. everyone just wants to live and let live. Help us help ourselves.

Jude B. Jean-Baptiste Jr.