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#4946: Dauphin plantation

From: Lise Morrisette <lmsa87@videotron.ca>

>From Corbett: This person is looking for info on DAuphin Plantation.
Please write directly to the address above and not back to me.
Thanks,  Bob

Concerning the "DAUPHIN PLANTATION at
> LIBERTY BAY in Haiti,
> please i would like to have some informations in te subject.1-Where was
> signed the act of purchase the ""Dauphin Plantation " by the "American
> Sugar Company ? In Haiti or  U.S.A                                       
> 2- Who was the President of the Haytian American Sugar at that time ?.
> 3.- Was the "Trust Corporation Company of America " in Delaware,was
> in charge to administer the Dauphin Plantation? or
>  after the sale
>                                 I thank you in advance for your help and
> hope to receive some informations in your future response.
>                                  Sincerely yours 
> Alcindor
> ..Montreal Canada.