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#4960: Re: #4941: Kilgore's suggestion (fwd)

From: Martha O'Brien <mobfa1@scotus.sfcpa.edu>

While I find Kilgore's suggestion of a question on the November 
ballot to be basically a good idea, I wonder how practical it would 
be in a country where so many voters are illiterate.  Since I was in 
Haiti at the time of the 21 May elections (although not as an 
observer) I heard many comments about these elections--the most 
common being that the ballots were hard to understand.  I wonder 
whether it would be wise to introduce any further complications into 
the process.
By the way, the people I spoke to in Pandiassou were pleased with 
the way the election process went there, were very hopeful that this 
election would be a real turning point for the country and were, of 
course, most upset when things began to go sour.  As a point of 
interest, although there was no violence that anyone in the village 
knew of at the polling place, the radio reported the following day 
that there had been all sorts of problems.  A real disinformation