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#4968: re 4961 vaccine mouthpiece (fwd)

From: david x young <frelgo@rcn.com>

a vaccine is simply a hollow tube of sizable bamboo open at both ends.
Just blow and it should vibrate into a tone--- perhaps with some
practice. The length of the tube defines the note. What is
fascinating--- and often magical--- is to hear four or five vaccine
players marching along together and timing their tones to make a
melody---alternating one player to the other--- this is called
"pyramiding"--- I learned how to do it in 1962 when a carnival member
out in Bizoton--- but the almost unconscious--- yes, intuitive-- working
together of all the players is remarkable to witness and experience

Someone in a recent post suggested to concentrate on the people and
ignore the politicians. By all means!!

David X Young