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#4779: Bell's newest is on the way! (fwd)

From: Fred Wardenburg <fwardenburg@uswest.net>

Madison Smartt Bell's "Master of the Crossroads", sequel to "All Souls
Rising" is due out in October.  It has a featured review and an intereview
with him in the August 28 issue of Publishers Weekly.  The review says, in
part, "Bell manages the bravura feat of bringing coherence and novelistic
focus to the intrinsically complex history of Haiti's national liberator in
this second installment in his brutal, sweeping trilogy... Continuing his
stunning historical fresco, Bell traces the intricate weave of Toussaint's
campaigns with an intelligence and verve reminiscent of Shelby Foote's
classic military histories, braiding his rich character studies into the
larger scheme."