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#4781: Vaccine Mouthpiece: Thanks for the Tips (fwd)

From: Perez_Dannenbaum <mpperez@mail.utexas.edu>

Dannenbaum writes:

Thanks everyone for the many interesting responses to my query on the
construction of the bamboo trumpet. Though I had meant to send my letter to
Gage directly. I evidently sent the appeal to Corbett List on accident! In the
end I was glad that I did misdirect it in as much as I wound up with a great
many enthusiastic and helpful suggestions coming from several people whom I did
not know. While I had experimented with PVC previously, the other day I came
across several pieces of really large bamboo and so decided to make a go of the
all natural.

Point well taken: Noise is fine but Music is divine. --Especially when your