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#4989: An amateur project: Pictures of Haiti's communities (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

First a bit of promotion, then the appeal to the good
amateur or semi-professional photographers among

Would you like to know about a beautiful Haitian town,
named Port-à-Piment du Sud?  See it in pictures at
http://windowsonhaiti.com/portapiment .

Would you like to learn more about the community
village of Fondwa and APF, the peasant association
that is dedicated to its economic development.  The
pictures tell the story at
http://windowsonhaiti.com/fondwa (with most photo
credits to Corbettizens Tequila Minsky and Dave

Would you like to learn more about Project Teach?
Again, the pictures help tell the story at
http://windowsonhaiti.com/ingegerd.htm (with
photo credits to Corbettizen Ingegerd Petersen)

The art of Tequila Minsky can be found at
http://windowsonhaiti.com/tequila.htm .

Finally some beautiful pictures of other communities
such as Port Salut can be found at
http://windowsonhaiti.com/photoart.htm (with photo
credits to Corbettizens Marian Pierre-Louis and
Steven White).

And now for the appeal:  I would like to offer you an
opportunity to display your beautiful pictures of
your favorite Haitian communities or special projects.
My preference would be to continue to use the
Port-à-Piment template.  So if you can select 16
beautiful pictures of any Haitian community, or
alternatively 16 pictures that fit a particular theme,
send them (pre-scanned, that is) to my attention
via e-mail, along with a picture identification text
for each of the 16 pictures, and a general page of
info about the community, theme, or project.

The only restriction is that the copyrights must
belong to you and no other, and I must have your
written permission to publish them.  Additionally,
all of my work will be done on a volunteer basis
and conversely, you will not expect anything
from our cooperation other than pride and
enjoyment from all who visit the site and see
your pictures (and associated info).

Now imagine all (well, a good deal of) Haiti's
communities there on one site for your perusal.

Please let me know if you are interested in
participating in such a project.

Guy S. Antoine
Windows on Haiti