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#4999: Women Writes of Haitian Descent newsletter

From: Marie Theodore-Pharel <korosol@hotmail.com>
>From: Pharelfamily@cs.com
>To: korosol@hotmail.com
>For Immmediate Release
>Women Writers of Haitian Descent, Inc (WWOHD) announces the launch of its
>newsletter,  Onè? Respè!  WWHOD is a south Florida-based non-profit 
>organization that provides forums for Haiti's literary daughters to 
>Founded in 2000 by three esteemed writers: Maude Heurtelou, Joanne 
>and Liliane Nerette Louis, WWHOD promotes and explores the fiction,
>non-fiction, and journalistic works of Haitian women writers 
>WWOHD also engages in select community and literacy oriented projects.
>     Featured inside this issue are "The Maiden Voyage" by Edwidge 
>"Rencontre avec Margaret Papillon," an interview with one of Haiti's most
>promising writers; "Aunty Yane," a folktale by master story teller, Liliane
>Nerette louis; organizational information and much more.
>The organization is also launching several other projects starting in the
>Fall of 2000 through the Summer of 2001. Some of these events include a
>Literary Soirée with Margaret Papillon and an Annual Awards Banquet.
>To receive a free copy of the newsletter or for more information about 
>please contact Ketsia Theodore-Pharel or Fabienne Josaphat at

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