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#5015: Fwd: San Francisco Bay Area Haiti Event (fwd)

From: radman <resist@best.com>

>From: HaitiNewsSummary@aol.com
>Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 02:43:48 EDT
>Subject: Announcement - Bay Area Haiti Event
>Thursday, September 14, 2000, 7:30 p.m.
>La Pena Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Avenue,
>for more information, call 510-483-7481
>please call to reserve childcare
>$5-10 (no one turned away for lack of funds)
>What is the true story behind the recent elections inHaiti?
>What's the real impact of the global economy on Haiti?
>What are the prospects for concrete economic andsocial
>gains for the people under a Lavalas government?
>Please join us for an evening with Myrlande Liberus. Myrlande has been at the
>heart of the Haitian movement for democracy and social justice since she was
>a teenager. She worked at St. Jean Bosco, the Port-au-Prince parish where
>Jean-Bertrand Aristide was a priest in the 1980s. As a teacher, she was
>deeply involved in the literacy campaigns of 1986, promoting the use of Paolo
>Freire's "conscientization".methodology.
>She helped to create Lafanmi Selavi, the Port-au-Prince home for
>street children founded by Aristide in 1987.  During the violent years that
>followed the 1991 coup d'etat, she worked clandestinely to help restore
>democracy. Following President Aristide's return to office in 1994, she
>served as his liaison to popular organizations. For the past four years, she
>has served as a director of the Aristide Foundation For Democracy, launching
>a 15,000 person economic cooperative, supervising literacy programs, and
>spearheading a national "Education For Peace" campaign. This campaign has
>brought together thousands of educators and students from around the country
>to talk about transforming Haiti's educational system.
>Sponsored by: Bay Area Haitian American Council
>(BAHACO), Ecumenical Peace Institute (EPI), Marin
>Interfaith Task Force, East Bay Sanctuary
>Covenant (EBSC) Haiti Committee, Malcolm X Grassroots
>Movement, United For Justice: Bay Area Coalition to
>Free Mumia And All Political
>Prisoners, Comite 98 por un Puerto Rico Libre,
>Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines, Friends
>of Free Speech Radio, Gabriela Network
>Bay Area, Global Exchange, International Action
>Center, Middle East Children's Alliance
>labor donated.