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#5022: Re: Pays sans chapeau (fwd)

From: Martha O'Brien <mobfa1@scotus.sfcpa.edu>

I have been invited to participate in a discussion of Dany 
Laferriere's "Pays sans chapeau" within the next couple of weeks 
and would like to know if anyone in "Corbettland" has any 
comments/critique/analysis of the book.  The discussion will be in 
the context of an independant study which a returning adult student 
has undertaken under the guidance of one of the language 
professors at the college where I teach.  I will be the only person 
involved in the discussion who has ever been to Haiti (thus the 
reason for inviting me.)  It would be interesting to be able to include 
views other than my own on the book.  Thanks in advance for 
anything you may have to say.