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#5027: Response to: A Little History of the Pig Issue in Haitian History (fwd)

From: ange perrault <ange.perrault@mail.tju.edu>

In response to RIWILSON <RIWilson@maf.org> post:

As scientist I am not questioning weither it was right or wrong
to decimate all the pigs, what I am questioning is that no one
came forward and identified which strain of the porcine fever
affected swine population in Haiti.  Every disease is cataloged
and assigned a name or a number.  How come the data is not

And if the answer is that they could not chance it that is why
the pigs were killed, then OK, but to  say the threat was real 
and not show evidence for it is a lack of genuine scientific
endeavour.  Those who have made the decision to have the
pigs killed should write a report for all to see that it was a legitimate
action based on scientific evidence.

Ange Ronel Perrault, Ph.D.
Dept. of Radiation Oncology