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#5031: Re: #5023: Re: Haitian poetry (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

I don't have access to beginning of this message, but some people would 
argue that most of Haitians writers' works are not yet translated to English 
(which was the argument of one of  my professors at Harvard in a Caribbean 
Lit. course some years ago - when I asked him: Why most of Haitian writers 
are left out in your discussions?). Some of Laraque's works are translated 
to English (a bilingual poetry book available at Grolier'S Poetry [in 
Harvard Sq.] ). There are other chunks of poetry works by Haitian writers ( 
in French  / Kreyol) that are translated in English. Accessing this 
information and know who does what (in Haitian Lit.) is crucial. Keep in 
mind few well-know translators of Haitian authors:

Boadiba (translator)
Carrol Coates (translator, French - English)
Daniel Legros (New generation of Haitian writers)
Jack Hirchman (great translator, Kreyol - English)
Ketsia Theodore (New generation of Haitian writers)
Maximilien Laroche (translator, lit. critique)


Please, add more to this list! [I just don't have a complete one] and 
there's a translor who has translated some works by "Tonton Moriso" (Felix 
Morisseau-Leroy) [I believe he is Corbetter]. There's a need for Haitian 
works to be translated to English (not only to be circulated quickly around 
the world, but also the young Haitian generation in Diaspora (who uses 
mostly English and who reads mostly Danticat) has a thirst to read about 
these people. And a last thing, take a look at the trilingual Haitian 
Literary Magazine, "TANBOU" http://www.tanbou.com/1199Resources.htm