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#5040; Reserach on Haitian community and police in NYC (fwd)

From: Jean Vernet <JVernet@nchr.org>

NCHR seeks focus groups participants.

The National Coalition for Haitian Rights is seeking participants for focus
groups on Police and Community relations.  The Legal Education and
Assistance Project is conducting a study on the perceptions that the Haitian
community has of the police.  We need focus group participants for the
following categories: 
Professional men;
Professional women;
Service workers (women).  Example, street vendors, Home Health Aides,
childcare providers, domestic workers; etc.
Service workers (males).  Example, cab drivers, school bus drivers,
laborers, etc.
Young women between the ages of 26 and 40.

Participants must reside in New York City.  Please call us if you fit any of
the above categories and share this information with others.  We provide
refreshments and a small compensation of $50 to all participants.  The focus
groups are strictly confidential and participants are never identified by

Please call us at 212 337-0005 ext. 19.  For more information about LEAP
please visit our website at www.nchr.org.