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#5042; A Remarkable Coincidence (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

What a remarkable coincidence!

Le Matin of August 31, 2000, contained an article about the US Embassy's statement that the refusal to invalidate the most recent legislative elections "can not but cast doubt on the legitimacy of the new legislature"... and on the same page, a statement from the International Republican Institute's number two man, Stanley Lucas, that the election is "a film last seen in 1993..." and referring to Haiti's legislature as a "Parlement croupion, de facto".

I pause to ponder whether, in 1993, the IRI ever referred to the "fo mamit" senators and deputies as a "Parlement croupion"?  The IRI's big lie is that there exists any similarity at all between the "fo mamit" elections held under the guns of the murderous military regime and the recent free elections in which Lavalas candidates clearly had the majority of popular support.

But what a remarkable coincidence that the US government's position should so neatly align with the IRI's big lie!  Supposedly we have a Democrat as President and a Democratic majority in Congress which ought to be shouting down the IRI's falsehoods, not echoing them.

Kathy S. Grey, M.S.

(Posting from Jacmel, Haiti)