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From: Fonkozeusa@cs.com

FONKOZE Needs Your Help

September 7, 2000

At approximately 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, the Central 
Offices of Fondasyon Kole Zepòl (Fonkoze) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti were 
stormed by 10 armed men representing themselves as members of the Haitian 
police force. Fonkoze employees were robbed and forced to lie on the floor 
while the Fonkoze Business Manager was made to open and empty the safe. And, 
most important, one Fonkoze employee - Amos Jeannot -- was beaten and 
kidnapped. His present whereabouts and condition are unknown.

We are appealing to members of the international human rights and advocacy 
community, our friends and supporters, and other U.S. citizens to stand in 
solidarity with Haiti's poor, and assist Fonkoze by acting on the following:

1. Demand the immediate release of Fonkoze's employee, Amos Jeannot;
2. Call on the government of Haiti to fully investigate this incident, and to 
provide protection to Fonkoze and other grassroots organizations in Haiti; 
3. Contact your Representative in Congress to ask the government of Haiti to 
fully investigate and assist Fonkoze;
4. Mobilize your networks; and
5. Pray for us.

Monsieur René Préval            
President of the Republic of Haiti      
Fax: 509-223-2530   

Monsieur Pierre Denizé          
Chief of Police
Fax: 509-245-7374

Embassy of the Republic of Haiti, Washington, DC
Fax: 202-328-6375

U.S. Capital Switchboard

Many thanks,

Leigh Carter
Executive Director, Fonkoze USA
(202) 667-1277