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#5064: Re: #5049: Re: #4780: The Haitian press and the police : Ives replies to Simidor (fwd)

From: Haitian Times <publisher@flashcom.net>

> It is sad to see Daniel spending his time on sophism against a
> progressive paper, rather than lambasting the macoute rag Haiti
> Observateur or the new voice of the bourgeoisie, The Haitian
> Times... or helping out with much needed HCJ press releases and
> flyers.
> >

I see that you're attacking the Haitian Times, I would like to know why.
Since you've called it a bourgeois newspaper, are you against the
bourgeoisie having a voice? Since you're dispensing advice to Simidor, you
should tell him on what grounds he should attack the Haitian Times. Since it
was unclear which bourgoisie you're referring. We know and we know that you
are well aware  that it's the bourgoisie of a country or community that
leads it. In any case, while you're fighting against one another, we in the
Haitian Times will continue to work toward building unity, to give Haitian
Americans a voice so they can get out of the margins of this community. We
await the attacks.


garry pierre-pierre
publisher/Haitian Times