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#5057: Re: #5041: Reports about Aristide's wife: Chamberlain asks (fwd)

From: Bob Brice <bobbrice@hotmail.com>

I have no evidence of such. However, several people (from different 
background, means and political affinities) living and doing business in 
Haiti have told me, when conversing about the state of the HT telecom 
systems, that Aristide's wife had the handle on things. Some who really have 
no need to insinuate or create such lies clearly stated to me that she's the 
main facilitator/(the only?) point of contact for such deal(s) or services 
(provided by some US telcos?). Others think that she has a stake in the 
business thus her "zeal"

However, one can always wonder about what she's getting out of it, what the 
degree of her involvement is, if it's turns out to be true.
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