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#5053: Job offer for list in translating Creole

Ana van Loenen
[An 800 phone number is below.  Please do not write back
to the list.  Ana van Loenen is not a member of the list
and would never see it.  Thanks,  Bob Corbett]

Dear Bob,
Thank you for offering to email CanTalk's posting to the Haitian
Community.  I am enclosing two postings, one in English and the second one
in French. In addition, I would like to give you a brief overview of what
CanTalk is so you have a complete understanding of our company and our
philosophy. First and foremost, CanTalk is a language service company and
we offer language services ON DEMAND 24 hours a day by phone, fax,
on-site, e-mail and the Internet. Weve been in business since 1995 and
have experienced  very rapid growth. Our services focus on customized,
high quality, immediate and rapid response language services with unique
language applications. 
We are much different than other traditional language service companies
because we provide to our customers a professional service where our
customers can access people skilled in other languages quickly. We work
closely with Remote Operator Agents and language specialists right across
Canada and the US. Much like a large cooperative. We have a language
service center in Winnipeg, Manitoba and some of our current clients are
the government of Canada where we provide emergency services for Canadian
embassies and consulates, major utility companies, banks, hospitals police
departments etc.   

CanTalk has two main product lines and divisions:

1.       On-demand interpretation and translation language services 

2.       Inbound  in language operator and customer services serving 150
countries daily

Its the inbound language operator side of our business that is growing
rapidly and where we need operators as soon as possible. . Basically, an
operator would be helping people complete their business calls, family or
friend related calls from all around the world from one destination to

 We have an immediate opening for ROAs who speak Haitian Creole  

We require operators who can work from home and schedule with us at their
convenience in three hours blocks of time. We pay by the call (a ceiling
applies) and we provide the training over the phone, scripts in language
and we are always available to listen to your concerns.  Because our
customers are large telecommunications companies who have their customers
in other countries, we need very reliable ROAs. This is a requirement to
schedule with CanTalk . Its an exciting time to grow with CanTalk because
of the global nature of our business and increasing call volumes. 

Once more, on behalf of CanTalk, thank you very much for your help.


Ana van Loenen
Language Operations Manager