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#5070: About Lynx Air (fwd)

From: Sara Pilling <spilling@erols.com>

I am the person who asked about any experience that other's might have
had vis a vis Lynx. In fact, in the end, 3 of the 4 packets arrived in
Haiti. I never meant to 'slam' Lynx, just needed to know whether my
experience was an anomaly or SOP. Lynx does a wonderful job - I'm glad
I'm not the person who handles the volume of mail! My apologies to Lynx
if they thought I was on a witch hunt.

I DID have a conversation with Lynx Air and they said that they would
look into the problem. Seeing that 3 packets very quickly showed up, I'm
assuming that they did.

The amazing part of this saga is my realization/ an example of what a
fabulous resource the corbett list serve is. Several members suggested
that I re-send the information [school registration] via DHL as their
experience had been positive. The fact that someone else had used this
means helped me when my local postoffice denied that DHL even went to
Haiti. It cost $41.-00 - but I'm assured that they arrived.

In addition, one other person volunteered their computer as a receiving
site for messages [my colleague would go to their home to pick up] and
another person volunteered to 'carry' occasional items in their regular
cargo mail, sent each week from the US. It was reassuring to know that
others not only care but are willing to step forward and say, "I can

On another matter, but continuing on about resource and support, the
magazine, Le Petit Samedi soir that I advertised for a friend was [I
believe] sold to a person in Haiti and will be placed in a library to
serve as source material!

Thank you all who had suggestions,

Sara Pilling