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#5093: Re: #5078: The Haitian Press and the Police: Ives Responds to Simidor (fwd)

From: "K. M. Ives" <kives@gateway.net>

No need to respond to most of Simidor's arguments, just to his mangling of some

1) Haiti Progres and the affiliated Association of Haitian Workers were among the
Domsey strikers strongest supporters. The strike was not "broken." A judge ruled
in favor of the strikers, forcing management to rehire the strikers and accept a
union. Three years later, HP took ads from the now unionized Domsey.

2) I never told Pat Chin of Workers World that the 1997 publication of ads was a
"mistake." I've never even spoken to her of the matter, nor she to me. Just
another example of the ultra's reliance on gossip and rumourmongering.

3) Ben Dupuy never "lobbied Columbia University to shut down the l'Heure
Haitienne program." Years ago, he sought to challenge a couple of times the
program's regular defamation of him, was denied a right to respond, and
complained to the station's management.

4) I know of no "drug lords within the Lavalas spectrum," whatever a spectrum
is.  However, if Daniel does, I would be very happy if he would give me their
names and drug connections. Or better yet, divulge his evidence publicly.

5) Most of the informed people I've talked to ridicule the accusation of the
right-wing and ultra-left that Dany Toussaint was behind Jean Dominique's murder.
Even Dominique's wife, Michelle Montas, in interviews seems to lean more toward
suspecting the "laboratory," which Dominique was denouncing in the days before
his murder.

Kim Ives