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#5107:Hatian musicians at Merkin Concert Hall, New York (fwd)

From: Lois E Wilcken <makandal-ny@juno.com>

From: makandal-ny@juno.com

World Music Institute presents "Interpretations: Andrew Cyrille and Jack
Vees," Thursday, September 28, 8 pm, at Merkin Concert Hall, 129 West 67
Street, New York City.

Andrew Cyrille is a Haitian American jazz drummer, and a prominent force
in the jazz scene since the 1960s.  His ensemble for the performance at
Merkin includes two musicians from Haiti:  Master Drummer Frisner
Augustin and guitarist Alix "Tit" Pascal.  Baritone saxiphonist Hamiet
Bluiett and bassist Lisle Atkinson complete the ensemble.  The balance of
the program features composer/bass guitarist Jack Vees.

Admission is $10, and $7 for Friends of the World Music Institute.  Call
Merkin Concert Hall at 212-501-3330, or World Music Institute at

Lois Wilcken
La Troupe Makandal - New York City's #1 Haitian Roots Ensemble
621 Rutland Road, Brooklyn NY 11203
718-953-6638 / makandal-ny@juno.com