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#5099: Olympic Bio on Bruny Surin (fwd)

From: Daniel Schweissing <dan_schweissing@hotmail.com>

Track & Field // Athlete Bios // 1 of 1 //
Bruny Surin
(BROO-nee SIR-in)

  Sport: Track & Field
Event: 100m
Born: July 12, 1967
Birthplace: Cap-Haitien, Haiti
Residence: Montreal, Canada
Height: 5-foot-11
Weight: 178 lbs.

Emerging from the shadows
A consistent presence among sprinting's elite throughout the 1990s, Surin 
has spent most of his career in the shadow of Ben Johnson and Donovan 
Bailey. A mainstay on Canada's 4x100-meter relay team, Surin won gold medals 
in that event at the 1996 Olympics and the 1995 and 1997 World 

Holding his own
Surin has enjoyed individual success as well. At the 1995 World 
Championships, he won silver in the 100 behind Bailey. After failing to earn 
a medal at the 1996 Olympics or 1997 worlds, Surin returned to the podium on 
two noteworthy occasions: He won the Canadian national title in 1998, and 
earned the silver medal at the 1999 World Championships behind Maurice 
Greene in a personal-best 9.84 seconds. That exact time, run by Bailey to 
win gold at the 1996 Olympics, held up as the world record until Greene 
broke it in June 1999.

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