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$5117: Re: #5106: depression and fear, DorcÚ comments (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 09/18/2000 11:21:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time, JHUDICOURTB@a
ol.com writes:

<<  When they kill groups of 10 and 20 
 in one accident, isn't that preventable crime?  When you take a good look at 
 those drivers, you see that the majority look very young.  Why can't they be 
 taught to repect life?  >>
This snippet from your post caught my attention.  It actually made me 
incredulous. "Why can't they be taught to respect life?"......like their 
previous government regimes?  Like the bored and dismissive elite?  Like just 
what role model that exists or ever existed in Haiti?  When did anyone value 
THEIR lives?  If you are sick......you die.  If you are hungry....you die.  
If you manage to make enough money to effect your life...it's very possible 
you die.  If you vote for your candidate so that your government can 
represent your needs for once in the history of Haiti.....you die.  When 
people can vote for Aristide and he can complete his term of office without 
coup and reprisals (bodies left in the street as a message to others not to 
defy their betters) then you can work on teaching everyone the value of human 
life.  Now, today.....you might as well spit in the wind. 

Sincere regards,

Kathy Dorce