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#5113: Re: #5112: #5058: A Remarkable Coincidence: A repsonse to Kathy Grey

From: Haitian Times <publisher@flashcom.net>

> From: Racine125@aol.com
> Greg, remember that a lot of those "non-Lavalas groups and Haitian
intellectuals" you claim are turning against Aristide are the same people
who supported the coup d'etat of 1991!  What kind of credibility do you give
them when they proclaim a comittment to democracy?  Puh-LEASE.  If they are
all charged up about a second round of voting that didn't happen, where on
earth were their voices when the whole legislative and executive branches of
the Haitian government were arbitrarily contravened by a mutinous military
funded by a corrupt plutocracy?

I hardly think that Jean Casimir, Mireille Jerome, Gary Victor, Rassoul
Labuchin and any of the others who signed the petition  were supporters of
the coup in Haiti. These are the intellectual architects of the original
Lavalas movement. There are no right-wingers among them. We should be wise
to listen to what they have to do and not dismissed constructive ideas as
those of reactionaries. They went beyond the pettiness of the elections,
their claim is that the country is adrift and serious leadership when
needed, is sorely lacking. Puh-LEASE.
> You write: