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#5127: DR Armed Forces reinforce frontier patrol (fwd)

From: Yacine Khelladi <yacine@aacr.net>

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> DR1 Daily News -- Wednesday, 20 September 2000
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> 5. Armed Forces reinforce frontier patrol
> Hoy newspaper reports that its sources indicate the Armed Forces has
> created three commands to reinforce Dominican-Haiti frontier patrols.
> Some 1,500 men have been assigned to the units that will be rotated
> every 30 days. The rotation is so that the military do not have time
> to become part of the culture of contraband that is part of frontier
> life, according to the news item. The regional commands have been set
> up in Cabo Rojo, Elías Piña and Loma de Cabrera. Despite this new
> effort, patrolling the frontier is practically a futile effort now
> that increasing political and economic problems in Haiti force more
> Haitians every day to seek survival in the DR.