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#5132: Susannah Nesmith introduction (fwd)

From: Susannah Nesmith <ap.snesmith@codetel.net.do>

I am new to the list and wanted to introduce myself. I am the Associated
Press correspondent in the Dominican Republic. I have traveled to Haiti (for
the second round parliamentary elections) but generally my responsibility is
for the nation next door. As I'm sure many of you know, what goes on in
Haiti often has profound effects here, and even when nothing unusual is
happening in Haiti, there are important Haitian issues here.

I wanted to introduce myself specifically so anyone on the list would feel
free to contact me directly about news, both Haitian and Haitian-Dominican.
You may reach me at this email address, or at susannahnesmith@yahoo.com
(sometimes Codetel has trouble.)


Susannah A. Nesmith
Associated Press
Dominican Republic