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#5139: Enough already, let's move on (fwd)

From: Reginald <rverdieu@amherst.edu>

Dear Corbetters,

I am baffled that the majority of news out of Haiti and the conversations on
this list are still about the May 21 elections.  Wouldn't it be more
constructive to discuss ways to make the November elections more free and
fair.  Elections are only the tip of the iceberg Haiti has a lot of problems
without any easy answers.  .  I think at this point people should be focused on
how they can best help the people of Haiti, not trying to prove whether or not
the elections were flawed.  Does anybody really think that if any of the other
political parties were running Haiti that things would be drastically
different.  Haiti has institutional problems and the answer lies in
strengthening those institutions.   I don't have any great ideas on how they
can be strengthened but I think that it would be a lot more productive if we at
least discussed it.