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#5142: Re: #5100: Ives responds to Laleau's query (fwd)

From: Kim Ives <kim_ives@yahoo.com>


The "laboratory" or "laboratwa" is an image if not
coined at least popularized by Aristide to denote the
U.S. government, and usually the CIA/Pentagon nexus in

Haitians cotton to the figure of speech since they
unquestionably been subjected like guinea pigs to a
number of the laboratory's "viruses" (e.g. FRAPH) and
"experiments" (e.g. FRAPH demonstrating on the wharf
in Oct. 1993 to 'scare off' the Harlan County).
Aristide also characterizes much of the
disinformation and unsubstantiated accusations
directed against himself and the Fanmi Lavalas as
output from the "laboratory." 

In short, the term implies a well-financed machine
with full-time trained professionals which "cook up"
mischief, murder, and mayhem. Seems pretty apt to me.

Kim Ives

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