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#5150: Latin American Studies Association Congress : Haiti sessions

From: "Henry F. Chip Carey" <polhfc@langate.gsu.edu>

I am organizing the Haiti section's panel at the LASA congress next 6-8 September in Washington, DC and there are other opportunities for anyone to organize or participate in panels on Haiti.  I have already received interests in three types of panels, one on the old and new Lavalas, one on the current political situation, and another on how the Haitain Revolution has affected Caribbean and Latin American Politics.  If anyone would like to join one of these panels (and is planning on joining LASA this fall), please write me directly with a title of your paper or presentation and a brief abstract.  I will try to facilitate your joining others presenting on similar topics.  The deadline for submitting panel proposals to LASA is Oct. 15.

Corbett list members may be interested in joining the Latin American Studies Association and in particular, its Haiti section.  If you are interested, please consult: http://lasa.international.pitt.edu or send a message to: lasa+@pitt.edu

Chip Carey
LASA Haiti section