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#5156: Where are all the weapons (fwd)

From: KKLARREICH@aol.com

<< But perhaps more than 
 anything, it is this hardening of the resistance that got Uncle Sam worried. 
 Allowing the unruly Haitian masses to arm themselves anew would undo what it 
 took another invasion 80 years ago to accomplish: crush the Haitian fervor 
 for revolution.  The bright boys in Washington couldn't live with the 
 of another Mogadishu in their backyard.  They told Titid to tell his 
 followers to renounce violence and Titid, perhaps weakened by all the 
 ass-kissers around him, did everything to disarm his followers and render 
 them helpless.   >>

I have serious questions about this theory.
1. If the resistance was in fact armed, where are those weapons now? 
2. If the resistance was armed, why does the Lavalas party still say one of 
the root causes of current insecurity is because there was not an effective 
disarmament campaign after the intervention? Lavalas is surely talking here 
about a disarmament of the military, paramilitary and former police and coup 
supporters, no?