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#5158: Enough already, let's move on! (fwd)

From: "J. David Lyall" <david@lyalls.net>

Reginald wrote:
:->I am baffled that the majority of news out of Haiti and the
conversations on
:->this list are still about the May 21 elections.  Wouldn't it be more
:->constructive to discuss ways to make the November elections more
free and
:->fair.  I think at this point people should be focused on
:->how they can best help the people of Haiti, not trying to prove
whether or not
:->the elections were flawed. 

Unfortunately this pattern of complaining about the previous elections
seems a time worn practice. Oh, complaining about imperialist
also. Anything to avoid the simple things like putting oil and gravel
on the

It is so much more satisfying to complain that the foriegners won't
finance a new highway to replace the one which hasnt been maintained
for 60 years.

J David Lyall
   or, Jedidiah Daudi in full ki-swahili
***** david AT lyalls.net *****