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#5162: Re: #5139: Enough already, let's move on (fwd)

From: TOUTONTOU@aol.com

I am one of those who would like to discuss this issue, without any passion. 
I am one of those few people who refuse to focuse on Lavalas, the Macoutes, 
and the so called oposition as being the main reason for Haiti's problems. In 
fact I am in the process of writing a book which will look at the situation 
in depth. I will be looking at Haiti, from an Historic point of view, U.S. 
Intervention and Occupation of Haiti and it's Legacy. I will also be looking 
at the social contradictions among the different classes (political and 
economic); Current developments, such as the Lavalas movement,  U.S. 
intervention and Occupation (1994-     ) the constitution, recent elections, 
the influence of other nations; corruption......

..... most importantly I will be looking at solutions, from a practical 
perspective (terms of what is being done now and what needs to be done in the 
near future to completely change this radically in Haitian politics, from e 
revolutionary perspective...

if  you are interested contact me.