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#5139: Amos Jeannot

From: Tequila Minsky <tminsky@ix.netcom.com>

In light of finding the mutitlated body of abducted Amos Jeannot, 
Fonkoze employee, in the morgue-- faxes can be send through Global
Exchange's web site to keep pressure for getting to the bottom of this
horrible crime. 


...(from Global Exhange's web site)...

Please help us to achieve justice for Amos Jeannot, his family and all the
Haitian families that lost
            their savings in the robbery by acting on the following: 

             1.Call on the government of Haiti to fully investigate this
incident and bring Amos' killers to
             2.Call on the police in Haiti to provide protection to Fonkoze
and other grassroots organizations in
             3.Contact your Representative in Congress to ask the
government of Haiti to fully investigate and
                assist Fonkoze; 
             4.Mobilize your networks; and 
             5.Pray for us.