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#5173: Re: #5167: Another comment on Haitian leadership

From: H P <kemsere@hotmail.com>

While I do agree that no one leader can do it alone, a student of history 
can also say that it only takes one man to make a change.

Though it is true that cooperation did not come easy (or at all) to Mr. 
Preval, I do believe that someone with perhaps better leadership abilities 
could have been more dynamic and less apathic.

A true leader inspires followers and dedication from his subordinates. 
Though I am not an Aristide supporter, any objective witness to the Haitian 
political arena can see that this man is a leader, he has a following.
The same way, at the time Francois Duvalier was elected (and I am not a 
Duvalier proponent either), he was a leader. Mr preval had one thing going 
for him in the last presidential election, he was Mr, Aristide's protege.

Being his ex prime minister was the only criterion that justified his 
candidacy for president and allowed him to attain the position of head of 
I am not saying he is not educated enough, and I am not saying he is not 
smart enough. But being smart and educated does not make you a leader. 
Strength of character, conviction and the trust of the people does.

When Preval was elected, the voting population was not trusting him, but 
rather Mr. Aristide.

As for the point about whining, I have to agree with Succar but not for the 
same reasons.

Whether or not Mr. preval controls the governement as this point is 
irrelevent. Basic political tactics (even for somebody as far removed from 
politics as myself) should tell you that any show of weakness is a mistake.

That doesn't mean anyone should be a ruthless ruler. However this does mean 
that if someone has accepted the responsibility of being the head of a 
State, that person also accepts the responsibility for the workings of the 
government. Pointing the finger elsewhere in a "se pa fot mwen" attitude is 
Taking the blame for any wrongdoings of subordinates is part of being the 

When a company is not able to deliver a product because of the 
unsubordination of low level employees, it's the CEO that takes the 
blame...and how does it look if he tells his clients :"it's not my fault, my 
employees wouldn't do as I told them to"? It just looks the same way it 
sounds, that the CEO is incompetent and not capable of running his company.
The same principle applies to a head of state.

Real leaders stand up and face the music.

Emmanuelle A. Zennie
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