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#5183: Survey of list members: continuing

From: Angel Adams <angyllmarie@yahoo.com> 

Dear Corbetters:

I am just beginning to get to know some of you who have contacted me and
agreed to participate in the research that I am doing.  As a brief
reminder, I am a graduate student in sociology and am including the
Corbett list in my dissertation project.  I am interested in understanding
how both silent and vocal members use the list, and to what extent they
cultivate relationships with other list members both on and off-line.

I would like to make contact with list members who have developed writing
or face-to-face relationships with people they have met on the Corbett
list.  If this has been your experience, and you are willing to be part of
this project, please contact me at: angyllmarie@yahoo.com .

I realize that for many people schedules are tight and time is in short
supply.  Participation consists simply of answering a few questions via
e-mail, at your convenience.  In some cases, I may also be able to contact
you by phone if that would be more convenient for you.

It has been great hearing from some of you, and I very much look forward
to being in touch with many more out there in Corbettland.

Many Thanks,

     Angel M. Adams, Doctoral Student,Sociology, University of