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#5216: Corbett's having a book sale; last opportunity for at least 18 months or more.

>From Bob Corbett

As most of you know in January I will be going to Vienna, Austria
for a full year.  While there I will have no access to my books here
in the US.

Since I will keep buying books for my library, and since I fund my
library in large measure by buying and selling Haiti books, I have
decided to have one large sale now before I go in order that I will
have a bit of money stashed away for my book buying while in Austria.

I am offering every book on my list at 20% of the listed price.  Postage
costs remain fixed as listed, I can't discount those.

After October I won't have time to sell books any longer, thus the
sale is EXCLUSIVELY for the month of October.

Please be sure to reserve books by e-mail since many are one of a
kind.  I cannot take credit cards so I will have to have you send
checks, money orders or, if you dare, cash.

Good hunting.  The books my be found at:


(Again, as in Phillip's paper, the address ends in htm not in html, that
is not a misprint.)

Bob Corbett