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#5219: Gonaives--potential violence related to trial of former military personnel (fwd)

From: Clayton Stockdale <cdstockdale@home.com>

Any news of violence related to the trial in Gonaives?  I see there is a US
Dept of State Public Announcement out warning of potential civil

Deb S

Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2000 9:49 PM
Subject: DOSTRAVEL 000922 Haiti - Public Announcement U.S. DEPARTMENT OF

> Haiti - Public Announcement
> September 27, 2000
> Travelers planning to transit through the city of Gonaives on
> September 29, 30, or October 1 should exercise caution.  A
> highly-publicized trial of former military personnel accused of
> human rights abuses will start on Friday, September 29.  Police
> are anticipating civil disturbances and potentially violent
> demonstrations in Gonaives.  U.S. Government personnel have been
> advised to avoid road travel through Gonaives between September
> 29 and October 1.
> Americans traveling or residing in Haiti should monitor
> television and radio reports and review the Consular Information
> Sheet for Haiti.
> This Public Announcement expires on October 9, 2000.
> ###