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#5230: PLease post - A dinner gala to promote breast cancer awareness : in Miami

From: PADENIZE@aol.com

The Haitian American Association Against Cancer, Inc. is hosting a dinner 
gala on October 14, 2000, at the Wyndham Hotel in beautiful downtown Miami at 
8:00 p.m. 12:00 a.m.  
Attendance is $25.00/per person. Advance reservation is required. Special 
presentation by Singer Gina Dupervil & Dance group Sosyete Koukouy.

Who are we? The Haitian American Association Against Cancer, Inc. (HAAAC) is 
a grassroots, 501-c-3 tax exempt, not for profit, community based 
organization, founded in 1997 by Jacques Calixte, after the death of his 
mother Denise Calixte of breast cancer; and by Dr. Rudolph Moise, after the 
death of his father, Rossini Moise, of prostate cancer.  The premature deaths 
of Mrs. Calixte and Mr. Moise were caused primarily by a lack of knowledge 
and awareness of early detection methods of cancer. Mr Calixte formed the 
Association to educate Haitians in the community, through outreach 
activities, workshops and lectures in Creole on the subject of cancer, cancer 
awareness and importance of early detection and screening. The association is 
located in Miami.

Why a dinner gala?  After three consistent, successful and fruitful years, 
the association wants to take the time to properly and sincerely honor two 
men, Senator Kendrick Meek and Dr. Rudolph Moise, for their tireless effort, 
guidance and time which they gave to the association and which contributed 
greatly to making the association what it is today. The evening will showcase 
the work of the Association in the past three years and the monies from the 
evening will fund future outreach and educational activities on breast cancer 
and the importance of early detection.

Why October? October is breast cancer awareness month. and throughout the 
evening and throughout the month, we will promote breast cancer awareness in 
the Haitian community.. Although the association's mission is to educate 
Haitians on early detection and screening of all cancers, it never loses 
sight of why this Association started and to whom its accomplishment is 
dedicated. Haitian women need to become aware of the importance of early 
detection of breast cancer. Yes, Denise Calixte died of breast cancer because 
she was not aware of what cancer was, how to treat it and how to detect it 
early - but let her be the last Haitian woman who is not aware.

Why do we want YOU?  The Haitian community, whose diverse backgrounds within 
this one beautiful culture is vast and amazing, needs to get involved. Based 
on the abundance of e-mail noted on sites such as "Corbetre listing" - we 
know you are out there. We know you are interested. We know you care about 
many issues.
Consider this:
When breast cancer is detected early and treated, survival rate increases by 
When breast cancer is detected early and treated, the quality of life of 
those with breast cancer improves.
A screening mammogram is the best tool available for finding breast cancer 
early, before symptoms appear.
Clinical breast exams and self-breast exams may also help in the early 
detection of breast cancer.
The National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society recommend that 
women in their forties and older have regular mammograms. (every one to two 

Come and help us spread the word about early detection and screening!
Come and celebrate with us three years of hard, ground breaking work!
Come and celebrate three years of outreach and cancer education in Creole to 
the Haitian Community!
Come and Support! Come and be proud! Come and get involved!
It promises to be a wonderful evening!
We need you. CALL US at (305) 572-1825 or fax at (305) 572-1827