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#5250: Voodoopolitics.com... You gotta see it to believe it!! (fwd)

From: Karioka9@cs.com

This is supposedly the website of Lynn Garrison, the big CIA spook of recent 
notoriety on this list who is also the author of "Voodoo Politics: the 
Clinton/Gore Destruction of Haiti."  Is this guy for real or what?  What 
follows is his "biography," as it appears on voodoopolitics.com:

LYNN GARRISON has been involved with Haiti for 20 years. He was personal 
advisor to General Raoul Cedras from September of 1991 through October of 
1994. He was a major strategist in the battle to block the return of 
Jean-Bertrand Aristide, an anti-American murderer, deeply involved with the 
cocaine traffic. He personally searched Aristide's living quarters, on 
September 30, 1991 discovering Aristide's medical dossier, and medicines, 
which became a foundation for
a controversial CIA generated psychological profile of the psychotic 
manic-depressive president. His September 18, 1994 eavesdropping on the 
Carter/Nunn/Powell team's phone conversations with the Oval Office was 
instrumental in derailing the Clinton/Gore sponsored invasion of Haiti - 
saving thousands of lives. 

During the intervening years - 1994 -2000 - Lynn remained involved with the 
Haitian scene.

In May of 2000, even as Aristide moved to steal parliamentary and local 
elections, Haiti's ex-President called leaders of his paramilitary groups to 
a meeting at which he distributed thousands of photographs. Aristide believed 
the man was in Haiti, on behalf of America's State Department, to upset 
results of the ballot. Aristide said, "I know he is a foreigner,  however... 
if you see him...kill him!!!" The photographs were of Lynn Garrison.

VOODOO POLITICS is a devastating insight into the ongoing Haitian Crisis that 
is about to explode onto centre-stage once again as Jean-Bertrand Aristide 
ignores foreign pressures and makes a grab for the presidency November