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#5284: Re: networking in Haiti (fwd)

From: Carl and Carole Vorst <cvorst@i1.net>
Subject: Re:  networking in Haiti

It was good to hear from someone who wants to help in Haiti.  I don't know
how "informed" we are but we are trying to make a difference in Haiti.  We
are looking for people who would like to network.  We get a lot of
information from the Corbett list, but sometimes the dialogue is unbearable.
We have a children's home in Port-au-Prince.  I also teach workshops and
seminars to teachers about methods and strategies.  Carl works at Boeing as
an scientist-engineer in research and development.  I am currently a
classroom teacher and curriculum director for Social Studies.  We have been
going to Haiti for 10 years.

We would like to get in touch with others who have the same interest.

Carl and Carole Vorst
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Subject: #5272: McEnroe asks for recommended lists

> From: john mcenroe <jmack1@mediaone.net>
> This group lacks the edge I need.  Can someone recommend an equally
> group who has an interest in helping haiti ( not just talking about
> Respectfully? J. McEnroe