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#5287: Re: #5276 about labor on the Dauphin Plantation (fwd)

From: Perdue and Persinos <vtandwi@erols.com>

This is in response to Markus Schwartz's comments on this subject.

First, please appreciate that my post re the Lonnie Dunn period of
ownership of the Plantation is only a small fraction of the story.
Other "Chapters" will follow; another hopefully today.

Marcus has asked some pertinent questions and I will address them to the
extent of my knowledge in posts to follow in the near future.

Some of these questions have been answered in a post by Bebe Pierre
Louis (#5282) and there is more on this subject in Robert Pettigrew's
book, "The Story of Fort Liberty and the Dauphin Plantation", privately
published and rare, but available via interlibrary loan from several

This subject is also addressed in documents in the National Archives and
I will try to post a summary of those documents

I appreciate Marcus' response and hope you  and others will read and
respond to those to come.

Bob Perdue