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#5292: Who is CISL? From Kathy S. Grey (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

Hello there Corbetteers!  You know, since my latest sally against the Haiti Observateur and the right wing, someone using the handle "Joseph Nerette" (!) sent me a zip file titled "for your information".  In that zip file there was what appeared to be a press article, but without any author or press agency credit.  So I don't understand who wrote this, but maybe it is the Confédération Internationale des Syndicats Libres (CISL) who the article talks about so much?

Anyway, it is in French , but I have translated part of the original as follows:


Repression against labor union leaders, 10/4/2000

Brussels, Oct. 4 2000 - The names of many Haitian union leaders appear on a black list de l'aile dure of the Lavalas Party, en vue to be eliminated.  This statement was made in a letter addressed to the President of the Republic of Haiti, Rene Preval, from the International Confederation of Independant Unions (CISL) which has protested loudly against a series of violations against Haitian labor unions.

.. THe CISL has informed President Preval that they know of numerous repressive measures taken against the unions CATH, KOTA, CTH and OGITH.  It is the names of these same leaders which appear on a liste de l'aile dure of the Lavalas party, which forsees their elimination...


However, the worst "repression" or "violation" this unattributed article cites, beyond this mythical and unimplemented "death list" is an OTRA member who is being detained by Haitian police "in a commisariat in the area" for unstated reasons, and a few others who are "obliged to live clandestinely" because Haitian judges working in Haitian courts have made out warrants for them.  The charges on those warrants are not specified by the author of the article.

The author also notes that CISL complains of an antiquated labor code, and violations of union rights linked to privatization.  I don't see any claims of beatings or torturings or disappearances or killings, as used to happen to labor organizers under the Duvalier regimes and the later Cedras junta.

So what is this article, anyway?  Has anyone else seen it?  I'm sorry, I am not buying this.  No name, no signature, no press agency, no documented "repression" worthy of the name... and who the heck are these CISL guys?  I know CATH, I'd like to hear their statement, but where the heck did this CISL bunch come from?  If they are so red hot and smokin', why don't they sign their names?  And how come I haven't heard other human rights monitoring organizations screaming about persecution of labor organizers and union leaders?

I am so goshalmighty sick and tired of the right wing trying to pose as victims!  Let them get a taste of the "djak", let their heads ring from a few "kalot marasa", let them find out what the real thing is all about, and then I wonder what they would say.  They can dish it out but they haven't had to take it much, at least not yet, and I hope they never do.Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen
(Kathy S. Grey)

"Se bon ki ra", 
     Good is rare - Haitian Proverb

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(Posting from Jacmel, Haiti)